2018 Thank you, NEXT!

Copy of 2018 Thank you, NEXT!.png

If you've been following my blog journey for a couple of years then you're aware of my end of the year/ New Years resolution posts. ( 2016 post here)

I'm a big believer in self-reflection and setting goals. Once I envision something and have done all my research on it, completing it and checking it off on my list is honestly one of the greatest feelings.

2018 has been a very interesting year for me, I started the year off looking for guidance and wanting stability. I prayed to God to provide me with new opportunities and to take anything out of my life that wasn't going to fulfill me emotionally, mentally and financially, and he did exactly that. I was able to travel abroad and take my family to discover a country they have never been too, I got a summer job working for a company I have always wanted to work for, NiteViews.com officially launched, and I was blessed to celebrate a nothing birthday. While I gained some new friendships, I also lost some that I would never think would end. The quote, "some people only come into your life for a season, but for a good reason", has been a reoccurring statement for me in the year. Even though 2018 didn't end how I expected it to, I'm still grateful for all the fun experiences I had and the memories I made.

As I we enter 2019, I looking forward to focusing on myself and what is best for Ellie. As I approach my mid-20s, it's time for me to be jealous with my time and to experience life; even if it means I have to do and go by myself. I pray 2019, brings me more happiness, more money, more travels, and more blog posts.

2018 thank you, but… NEXT!

Do you do New Years Resolutions? What are some things you have planned for 2019?