Book Views: After You - Jojo Moyes


In 2012 Jojo Moyes debuted After You, the second installment from her Best-Selling Book; Me Before You.

She continues to bring us along the life journey of 26-year-old Louisa Clark and how she is adjusting to her new life without Will Traynor. Will was her Quadriplegic ex-employer who she also had a romantic relationship with. The book starts off with Louisa coming back home to London from her world travels. After Will passed away and everyone in his family had moved on with their lives, Louisa promised him and herself that she would travel the world and start to step out of her comfort zone.

If I had to summarize this book into one word it would be "growth". Within a span of 2 years, Louisa finds herself on a self-journey, where she is learning how to deal with her grief of losing Will by attending grief counselling sessions. She also discovers that Will has a daughter named Lily that no one knew about until now, and how taking on the responsibility of raising a teenager who is also a stranger to her isn't as easy as it seems, especially when it comes to dealing with Lilly's mother and step-father.

Louisa thought she could never get over losing Will and the love that they had for each other until she met Sam, whose nephew Jake attends the same grief counselling sessions as Louisa, after losing his mother. Sam is a Paramedic who also ends up saving Louisa's life after she accidentally falls off the roof of her building one night. Sam coming to Louisa's rescue becomes a reoccurring event throughout the book, as whenever she needs help with anything he is right there to help her, especially when it comes to time for Louisa to find Lily after she ran away from home.

After You, shows another example of growth when Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Louisa's parents hit a rough patch in their marriage. Mrs. Clark starts to attend evening classes at the local community centre and starts to explore and discover new hobbies and begins to educate herself on women rights. For someone who decided to get married and become a housewife instead of pursuing higher education, Mr. Clark started to feel liberated with all this new knowledge she was absorbing, this new sense of liberation Ms. Clark was feeling and exulting did not mesh well with Mr. Clark who started to feel as if his wife was above him in a way, where he felt she didn't need him in her life anymore.

Unlike Me Before you, After You ends positively. Louisa is leaving London to pursue a job in New York City to be a Caretaker for a new client, she is also taking the next step in her relationship with Sam as they become more serious. Her family is becoming stronger as her sister goes back to school to finish her Bachelor's Degree and her parents have braved the storm and are adjusting to their new way of life together.

I rate After You a 8/10.

It was a great read, and even though it was a sequel to another book, you don't need to read the first book to understand what is happening.