The Deets on Beautiful Belize

So, your girl finally did it! I built up the courage (after I paid for everything) and defied all my parents' requests and warnings not to go and went on my first solo trip to a country I've never been too.

My Trip to Belize was a trip of many firsts; It was my first time travelling for a week with only a piece of hand luggage, my first time travelling to a new country completely on my own and it was my first time travelling to Belize.

Belize is a small country located in Central America, between Mexico and Guatemala on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. With a population estimated of over 390,00, Belize is a very small country, but it is pack with a lot of beauty and adventure. The official language of Belize is English, so you won't have a problem communicating with locals, Belizean people also speak Spanish, local Creole and Patois.

The Belizean currency is 1USD = 2 BZE, where the locals mix the currency of the countries together, so don't be surprised if you receive a mix of both USD and BZE when you break a bill. Unfortunately, the only money they exchange in Belize is the British Pound, the Euro and the USD. No one would take my little Canadian dollars, not even the bank. This is just a reminder to ALWAYS carry USD with you when your travelling, no matter the country. Luckily enough for me, there are banks all over Belize and their islands where you can use an ATM machine to take money out.

Since Belize is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea, they have the Second Largest Coral Reef in the world and the only one that is completely alive. If you're an adventure traveller then you will love Belize, the country is one of the top countries for Eco-Tourism as they pride themselves for preserving their wildlife and ecosystem. Their native animals like the Scarlet Macaw, Jaguar and the Tapir a.k.a the Mountain Cow are a must see in their natural habitat. If you prefer sea animals instead of land ones, you will likely see Sea Turtles, Manatees and Tarpon fish in their local waters.

If Belize was never on your bucket list, I would definitely suggest that you check out this small beautiful country.